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Fifa 19 Mobile Career Mode Revealed

EA has now, finally, revealed further details of the new Fifa Mobile 19 game by announcing details of the brand new Career Mode including new screenshots and we have to say it's getting us excited – all over again…..

Manager Mode is probably my favorite mode on Fifa, I love taking a lower league team up through the leagues by shaping my team and signing players to improve your squad. Let's face it though, Fifa 18 mobile had so many bugs and problems with Manager Mode a lot of us felt a bit cheated. Well thankfully the new Fifa 19 Mobile game will feature a brand new mode, built from the ground up, called “Career Mode”

Career Mode will replace Manager mode as we know it and will allow you to play through a 15 season career as either a Player (Be a Pro Mode), Player/Manager (Combined Be a Pro & Manager Mode) or just as a Manager (Manager Mode) or, from what I gather, you could even complete a full career as a player then your player could get involved into management as a player-manager before retiring as a player and focusing purely on the management.

While we are not entirely convinced we would ever do that – it's nice that EA is trying to add new game modes and features – I’m sure many fans like us will just jump straight into managing their favorite club as a manager while controlling the 11 players out on the park each matchday.
The most important issue however is the bugs and quirks encountered throughout the game mode such as the flawed transfer system, injuries, players automatically moving around your squad, or missing entirely, to name but a few of the bugs we encountered. Beyond the bugs and quirks there is also a feeling that you are not really the manager, you are never fully immersed into the world of football management and I think this comes down to realism and all the little touches that need to be added to ensure thousands of Manager Mode fans can enjoy a true to life mode.

Well EA were quick to point out a few of the new features such as a brand new transfer negotiation process, full calendar to allow planning and improved injuries all added to this years game. Plus the screens of the new “News Portal” home page look much more slicker and add a new freshness to this ageing game mode that EA has really neglected in years gone past. Whats more, after reading the blogs on the Official Fifa Page there seems to be a much needed realism aspect to the game and many more small additions to the game that might go unnoticed but that add to the overall experience. There is even an air of Football Manager to this mode with a few of the features taken straight from the popular football manager sim – not that we are complaining of course!

First, the Transfer system is now in a two-stage process meaning once a bid is accepted by a club you then have to negotiate with the player himself and offer your wages, bonus etc. in previous versions this was all done at the same time. This adds much more realism to the mode and realism is what most Manager Mode players crave. Also while you are trying to negotiate personal terms with a player other clubs can make bids and snatch him away from your grasps if you are unable to get him to sign for the terms you have offered.
Whats more you are in control of your budget in that you can change the proportion of your budget to wages and transfer fees meaning you could start with £50 million to spend on players and £200k on wages but you have the choice to reduce your transfer kitty which would in turn boost your weekly wage budget. Anyone who has played Football Manager games will instantly know how this works as they have seen it many times before in the manager sim but again this is a much welcomed addition and we are not going to hold it against EA for “borrowing” features in other games so long as Fifa 19 Mobile is much better for it!
The second announcement was the full calendar implemented into the game which allows you to properly plan out your team's priorities. Again an element of Football Manager incorporated into this years game.

The new home hub looks great and shows all the information on one page such as league tables, news stories, top scorers and your career rating to show how you are fairing. Probably one of the best updates to the game considering how much time you would spend navigating between menu’s which load incredibly slowly – this in our humble opinion is a much-welcomed addition plus it looks fantastic and slick!
Finally injuries we are told will be improved from previous versions of the game with variety and reality of injuries being the major upheaval – hopefully, EA will get this right as it was one of the major flaws of the previous game. Hopefully gone are the days when you sim your pre-season friendlies only to find out your player is out for the whole season knowing full well that if you had actually played the game yourself your player would never get injured!
All in all, we are seriously excited after this announcement and the fact the mode is built from the ground up and does not borrow any code from the previous manager mode games on Fifa is very welcome. Its about time EA spent a bit of time and effort updating the aging manager mode – it is after all one of the most played modes in Fifa. Lets just hope the mode is fully tested and bug free.

Download Fifa 19 Mobile from the link below.

Fifa 19 Apk Download and Play on Android Mobile

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